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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Jnyana yoga or raja yoga

Evolved by patanjali involves techniques for purifying the mind by removing impurities through the eight-fold practice.
These include:
1.Abstinence or yama
2.Observances or niyama;
3.Postures or asana;
4.Breath control or pranayama;
5.Retrieving the mind from objects of enjoyment or pratyhara;
6.Concentration or dhyana;
7.Contemplation or dhyana; and
8.Absorption or samadhi of the mind
The above eight-fild path leads to self-realisation (atmadarshana).
The purpose of hatha yoga is achuevement of mental stability by silencing the mind through pranayama.Achievement of mental stability arouses the dormant divine power in human beings called kundalini.Arousal of the dormant divine power enables hearing the subtle sounds(nada) and absorpation of the mind in the state of samadhi.


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